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3 Best Sportswear Fabric Manufacturers in Surat

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Best Sportswear Fabric Manufacturers in Surat

If you’re on the hunt for ideal fabrics to elevate your sportswear or improve its performance, take a closer look at these reliable sportswear fabric manufacturers in Surat, India!

Surat boasts top-tier manufacturing facilities for sportswear fabrics, making it a prime destination for all your sportswear needs. This article features a curated selection of leading fabric manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and traders specializing in sports fabrics.

These Surat-based sportswear fabric suppliers are dedicated to creating materials that cater to the diverse needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

1. Shyam Texturisers Private Limited

  • Address: Salabatpura, Surat, Gujarat
  • Phone: +91-8048962655

Shyam Texturisers Private Limited is a premium sportswear fabric manufacturer in Surat, Gujarat. This trusted manufacturer and supplier also offers a wide range of fabrics aside from fabrics for sportswear.

They offer a diverse selection, including Polyester Taffeta, Satin Apparel Fabric, Polyester Viscose Fabrics, Polyester Taffeta Textile Fabrics, Printed Polyester Fabric, Nylon Apparel Fabric, Khadi Silk Fabric, and Banarasi Silk Dupatta. These fabrics serve various purposes, from garment and luggage materials to dress materials and furnishings.

Their Polyester Taffeta fabric, priced at ₹40 per meter, is well-suited for garments, luggage, bags, and more. Similarly, the Satin Apparel Fabric, available for ₹50 per meter, offers a stylish choice for apparel. Polyester Viscose Fabrics, at ₹25 per meter, present versatile options for various applications. Additionally, the Polyester Taffeta Textile Fabrics, Printed Polyester Fabric, Nylon Apparel Fabric, Khadi Silk Fabric, and Banarasi Silk Dupatta, each cater to specific preferences and requirements.

Shyam Texturisers Private Limited has a history dating back to 1992 and is recognized as an exporter and manufacturer. With an annual turnover between Rs. 25 – 50 Crore, they have earned a trusted reputation in the industry.

2. Nimbark Fabrics

  • Address: G-26-30-31 Shree kuberji textile world, Surat – Bardoli Rd, Saroli, Surat, Gujarat 395010, India
  • Email:
  • Phone: +9033359995

Nimbark Fabrics is a prominent Sportswear Fabric Manufacturer and Wholesaler located in Surat, Gujarat, India. The company was established in 2005 and has been widely reviewed positively in many online reviews.

They offer a wide range of fabrics, including T Shirt Fabric and Dyed Fabric. Their well-structured infrastructural unit, situated in Surat, plays a crucial role in the company’s growth.

Nimbark Fabrics provides these products at competitive rates, ensuring timely delivery to customers. Under the leadership of Mr. Pinakin Avaiya, the Owner, the company has successfully expanded its clientele across the nation.

As a Manufacturer, they employ between 26 to 50 people and have an annual turnover ranging from Rs. 10 – 25 Crore. They are certified with IndiaMART Trust Seal. Nimbark Fabrics’ product range includes Karara Fabric for Track Pants, Lower, and T-Shirt, Uno Gold Crown Knit Fabric, Spandex Fabric for Sportswear, T-Shirt Fabric, Crepe Fabric for Digital Printing, Polo Matty T-Shirt Fabrics, Baby Wear Used Crepe Fabric, Semi Zurich Two Way Lycra, and Mens Fashion Caps and Shoe Fabrics, catering to a diverse array of fabric needs.

3. Mahesh Textiles

  • Address: Mahesh textile 822-23 New, Textile Market Ring Rd, Surat, Gujarat 395002, India
  • Phone: +91 99251 55409

Located in Industrial Area-A, Ludhiana, Punjab, Mahesh Textiles is a respected Exporter and Manufacturer with a wide range of fabric production. Their expertise lies in manufacturing a variety of fabrics, including Knit Fabric, Fleece Fabrics, Polyester Fabrics, Textile Fabrics, Honeycomb Fabrics, Collars, Tape fabrics, and more.

Established in 1985, Mahesh Textiles operates as an Individual – Proprietor with up to 10 employees and an annual turnover of Rs. 10 – 25 Crore. Mahesh Textiles offers a wide assortment of fabrics to cater to various needs. Their Knit Fabric collection includes Rib Knit Fabric, Plain Knit Spun Fabric, and Dotted Knit Fabric.

They also provide a range of Lycra Fabrics, such as Polyester Lycra Fabrics, Cotton Lycra Fabric, and Polyester Lycra Fabric.

For those seeking warmth, their Fleece Fabrics include options like Polyester Jersey Fabric, Polyester Cotton Fleece Fabric, and Antipill Polar Fleece Fabric.

Additionally, their Textile Fabrics feature Knitted Sportswear Fabrics, Crown Knit Waffle Fabric, and Poly Cotton Fabric.

You can find Polyester Fabrics like Blue Plain Polyester Fabric, Plain Polyester Fabric, and Polyester Cotton Fabric.

They also offer Micro Fabrics, Knitted Cloth, Matty Fabric, Collars and Tape Fabrics, Spun Fabric, PC Sinker Fabric, Honey Comb Fabrics, and Plain Fabric, among others.

Mahesh Textiles aims to provide a comprehensive selection of quality fabrics to meet a diverse range of industry and customer demands.

Wrapping Up

We trust that this compilation of Surat’s leading sports fabric suppliers has assisted you in selecting the ideal supplier for your needs.

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